Wildlife Icons

Wildlife Icons

8 Episodes

Shine the spotlight on the animals for which Africa is so well known. The iconic Big Five of the Savannah; charismatic primates, vast herds of antelope and the predators that stalk them. Every animal has a fascinating story to tell and each is full of surprises.

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Wildlife Icons
  • Africa's Big Cats

    Episode 1

    South Africa's Kruger National Park is one of the largest games reserves on the continent. It covers nearly 20,000 square kilometers of diverse habitats and contains hundreds of species of mammals, birds and reptiles. This abundance of animals means many predators - including Africa'€s big cats: ...

  • The Big 5
    Episode 2

    The Big 5

    Episode 2

    For the lion, African elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino, life isn'€™t easy when you'€™re big in the wild.

  • Dung Beetles: Nature's Recycler

    Episode 3

    There are more species of beetle in the world than any other animal and few play a role as important as the humble dung beetle.The tiny counterparts to Africa's giant plant eaters. Bringing balance to a system that supports life like no other. These iconic insects are truly the unsung heroes of A...

  • Meet The Meerkats

    Episode 4

    Meerkats may be small and vulnerable, but they are tenacious characters. Together they are a force to be reckoned with. For this growing family, teamwork is not only keeping them alive, it is enabling them to thrive.

  • Savannah Life

    Episode 5

    The Savannah is a complex web of life, from the plants at the bottom of the food chain, to the predators at the top. Stories of life and death have unfolded on these plains for millions of years.

  • Springbok & Impala: Life in the Herd

    Episode 6

    From the dry deserts of the west to the moist savannas of the east, these two species are pivotal in the success of both plants and animals living across this divide.

  • The Hamadryas of Awash

    Episode 7

    Ethiopia's Awash National Park is home to a closely knit group where aggression plays a vital role in ensuring strong family bonds and structure. Their daily challenges with each other and the contrasting environment of Awash, give way to a fascinating society.

  • Hyenas & Lions Life in the Leftovers

    Episode 8

    On the African savanna the life of some depends on the death of others. In a cycle driven by predators and dependent on prey, none are more important than the two most powerful carnivores. And in so doing, they unwittingly provide for an abundance of life thriving on the results of their labor.