Wildest Africa

Wildest Africa

9 Episodes

Journey from the cradle of human civilization to the most awe-inspiring natural wonders of the world in this iconic and landmark series, celebrating some of Africa’s most spectacular locations.

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Wildest Africa
  • Madagascar: The Island of Monsters

    Episode 1

    The island of Madagascar has been a unique- almost unchanged- ecosystem for millions of years. See how the creatures here have adapted to their surroundings in ways that differ from any other place on earth. From vicious feline predators to the Lemurs that somersault, frolic and dance, Madagascar...

  • Nile: An African Odyssey

    Episode 2

    The Nile is the longest river in the world. It flows for 6730 kilometers from deep in the heart of Africa all the way to the Mediterranean coast in the north. Ancient Egypt, one of the history’s most powerful civilizations, depended entirely on the Nile River.

  • Virungas: Land Of Ice & Fire

    Episode 3

    The Virunga Mountains are the embodiment of western fantasies about "Darkest Africa." This tropical land of ice and fire is located at the crest of the mountainous backbone of Africa, at the very center of the continent. This string of volcanoes straddles the western branch of a huge system of cl...

  • Mount Kenya: African Heart Of Ice

    Episode 4

    This film reveals the plants and animals that have evolved to survive in one of the earth’s most hostile environments and unravels the profound effect Mount Kenya has on the world at its feet.

  • Cape Coast: Where Worlds Collide

    Episode 5

    Stretching 1500 miles from the frigid waters of Cape Point to the sub-tropical seas of Kwazulu-Natal, Africa’s Cape Coast is where the irresistible force meets the immovable object. A collision of land and sea that creates a unique environment where plants flourish... and animals and man battle t...

  • Sahara: Life On The Edge

    Episode 6

    The Sahara is the largest desert in the world - covering a third of the entire African continent, one of the hottest, driest places on earth. According to legend, a land of terrible thirst, an endless, empty ocean of sand. Yet there is life here. Unique creatures adapted to one of the harshest en...

  • Lake Turkana: Land Of The Crocodile

    Episode 7

    Lake Turkana, the largest of Africa’s Rift Valley Lakes stretches 250 kilometres south from the border with Ethiopia dissecting Northern Kenya’s semi-desert lands. Turkana is at the heart of one of the harshest landscapes on the planet, and yet, man and beast have worked out a way to survive the ...

  • Congo: The Untamed Heart

    Episode 8

    Known for centuries as “Africa’s Dark Heart”, the Congo rainforest has long held its secrets close, concealed behind a seemingly impenetrable wall of green. Only now are we beginning to understand this daunting place. The Congo is a multi-layered, three-dimensional world, seething with innumerabl...

  • Ethiopia: Land Of Extremes

    Episode 9

    Land-locked and surrounded by five countries, Ethiopia is one of east Africa’s forgotten lands. Seemingly passive deserts in fact seethe with fire and cloud-piercing peaks shield a secret Eden of canyons and cliff-tops teeming with life.