Wild Rockies

Wild Rockies

4 Episodes

Wild Rockies gets you up close and personal with the animals that live among one of the most iconic mountain ranges in the world – the Rocky Mountains.

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Wild Rockies
  • In The Peaks

    Episode 2

    The air is thin and cold, trees can’t even live here -­‐ it’s not exactly a welcoming place to live. But animals like mountain goats and bighorn sheep and even black bears manage to skitter around these peaks with ease. We’ll take a look at how these creatures manage to defy gravity, among some o...

  • The Waterways

    Episode 3

    Some of mightiest rivers in North America originate on the glacial heights of the Rocky Mountains. The lakes, rivers and marshes of the Rockies are like arteries pulsing through the landscape, feeding the creatures that call the mountains home.

  • Group Survival

    Episode 4

    For a great many species, the structures of group living are the most important for survival. Although social living is integral to many of the animals that call the Rocky Mountains home, no two species organize their society in the same way. Even among closely related species there can be drasti...