Waterworld Africa

Waterworld Africa

5 Episodes

The mighty waterways of Africa define this incredible continent. This series explores the creatures that live on, under and around them. From Hippos, crocodiles and floating islands of papyrus in the Okavango Delta to the enigmatic waving of colourful mangrove crabs and mudskippers on the coastline of South Africa.

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Waterworld Africa
  • Tidal Forest Of Africa

    Episode 1

    A day in the life of a southern African mangrove forest. We follow the forest and its residents through the change from high tide to low and back to high, meeting the Red-claw mangrove crabs that keep the forest clean and in so doing help it provide food and shelter for a variety of species.

  • The Okavango: Lifeblood of the Kalahari

    Episode 2

    A look at one of Africa's most abundant and diverse wildlife areas; the Okavango Delta. Investigate the way the delta functions and shows a variety of interesting species that live in the area, including several water birds, herbivores, as well as iconic animals like elephants and leopards.

  • Urban Penguins

    Episode 3

    Living on the southwestern tip of Africa is an unusual colony of African penguins. Most African penguins prefer to breed on off-shore islands in the region, but human impacts on their island homes have caused many birds to look elsewhere for suitable breeding sites.

  • Precious Waters

    Episode 4

    Life in the savannas of Africa is ruled by water and throughout the long dry season life-giving rivers run dry, harsh drought conditions prevail - and so waterholes become crowded.

  • The Blue Lagoon

    Episode 5

    Nestled on the western coast of South Africa lies an extraordinary cove which is host to an abundance of marine and bird life, catering for scores of visitors as well as many permanent residents. It provides ample food and spurring a life cycle that reaches well beyond Africa. This is the Blue La...