Under The Sea

Under The Sea

Take a splash and explore a wealth of underwater wonders with a vast selection of shows that focus on the rarely-seen world beneath the seas.

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Under The Sea
  • Bahamas Hollywood Wrecks

    The Bahamas is known as the underwater movie capital of the world. Hollywood has been coming here for decades, making epic movies and dramatic TV shows in its crystal clear waters, and among its star attractions are a host of cinematic shipwrecks.

  • Caves & Blue Holes

    Hidden away beneath the surface of the Bahamian archipelago is a magical world millions of years in the making. The Caves and Blue Holes of the Bahamas house some of the most spectacularly beautiful geological formations in the world.

  • Realm of the Killer Whales

    Filmmaker Feodor Pitcairn teams up with a group of marine biologists studying a pod of orcas off the coast of Vancouver Island. Discover the unique behaviour of these highly intelligent, but exceptionally shy mammals who live and play along the shores of the Pacific.