Under The Sea

Under The Sea

Take a splash and explore a wealth of underwater wonders with a vast selection of shows that focus on the rarely-seen world beneath the seas.

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Under The Sea
  • Indonesia: The Secret Life of Manta Rays

    The remote islands of Raja Ampat in the Indonesian archipelago are home to a diversity of marine life, including the secretive giants of the ocean - manta rays. A team of researchers from Conservation International heads out on an expedition to learn more about the biology, population size and mi...

  • Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail

    The Florida Keys is the first line of defense for the southern US. With a rich naval history and a coastal lifestyle, it’s easy to believe locals who claim these waters are home to as many as 1000 shipwrecks.

  • The Mesoamerican Reef

    The Mesoamerican Reef is a pristine ocean ecosystem- but after decades of overfishing and tourist activity, much of this reef is in jeopardy. Today, a series of multi-national Ocean Parks line the reef, each at different stages of development. These Parks are monitored by Ocean advocates dedicate...

  • Sand

    Beyond the iconic and pristine white beaches of the Bahamas, the Sand Flats are home to fierce Iguanas, camouflaging stingrays, and the beautiful bottlenose dolphin. All of this sand is the surprising waste product produced by resident parrotfish nibbling on coral, producing one tonne of sand per...

  • Algoa Bay: Last Refuge Of The African Penguin

    Although the population of African penguins in Southern Africa is on the decline, the charismatic species has found a stronghold on two islands in Algoa Bay. This is the story of the penguins’ daily struggle to raise families in an unforgiving and often hostile environment.

  • Realm of the Killer Whales

    Filmmaker Feodor Pitcairn teams up with a group of marine biologists studying a pod of orcas off the coast of Vancouver Island. Discover the unique behaviour of these highly intelligent, but exceptionally shy mammals who live and play along the shores of the Pacific.