Under The Sea

Under The Sea

Take a splash and explore a wealth of underwater wonders with a vast selection of shows that focus on the rarely-seen world beneath the seas.

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Under The Sea
  • Golden Forest

    This is the story of the “Golden Forest”, the vast expanses of kelp that lines Africa’s southwestern shore. Fed by an upwelling of nutrients from deep in the Atlantic, the kelp forest nurtures four distinct worlds.

  • Water Warriors

    From powerful sharks to mysterious and beautiful fish shoals, the underwater dynamic between predator and prey continues. Evolution is on display in these clever creatures as they use all their skills to survive.

  • Coral Reef

    An amazing underwater metropolis; the biodiversity of the reef is critical to species living in the Bahamas. Diverse and colourful marine creatures seek food and shelter among the complex coral structures in this interdependent environment. Every day they negotiate and to share the space and inte...

  • Sperm Whale Oasis

    Off the coast of the Azores archipelago exists a mid-Atlantic oasis for the giants of sea to hunt and play. The violent history of these waters as a whaling hotspot has since transformed into a centre for scientific research and ecotourism.

  • Realm of the Killer Whales

    Filmmaker Feodor Pitcairn teams up with a group of marine biologists studying a pod of orcas off the coast of Vancouver Island. Discover the unique behaviour of these highly intelligent, but exceptionally shy mammals who live and play along the shores of the Pacific.