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Under The Sea

Dive into a world of underwater wonders with a vast selection of programming that focuses on the rarely-seen world beneath the seas.

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  • Open Water


    Open Water makes up nearly half of the area of the Bahamas, but houses its most elusive species. These creatures must be able to swim far or fast, to search for food, mates and shelter. These iconic species: Oceanic White Tip Sharks, Sperm Whales and even the reclusive Blainesville Beaked Whales ...

  • Bahamas Exuma Cays


    The Exuma Cays are a remote wonder: hundreds of tiny islands extending south from the Bahamian Capital of Nassau. In the 1950’s, developers dreamed of developing this pristine, and largely unexplored region. But before construction could begin, the Bahamian government supported an expedition to c...

  • Caves & Blue Holes


    Hidden away beneath the surface of the Bahamian archipelago is a magical world millions of years in the making. The Caves and Blue Holes of the Bahamas house some of the most spectacularly beautiful geological formations in the world.

  • Reef Wrecks Of Bonaire


    In the southwest Caribbean is a small island that hosts one of the world’s most vibrant ecosystems. Bonaire’s fringing reef is home to thousands of species of corals, fish and other marine animals. Bonaire is also home to a collection of stunning shipwrecks. These wrecks evolve over time, becomin...

  • Life 2000 Meters Under the Sea


    Follow unmanned submersibles as they dive to incredible depths. Discover the fascinating animal life that roam the ocean floor and uncover their secrets to the origin of all life on this planet.

  • Ocean Voyagers

    1h 10m

    Witness the touching story of a mother humpback whale and her newborn son as they explore the ocean depths together. The mother must care for and protect her child as they pass through perilous waters notorious for sharks and whalers. Narrated by Meryl Streep.

  • Acid Ocean


    Uncover the devastating effects CO2 emissions have on the oceans coral reefs. As the foundation for the seas food chain, the diminishing reefs represent a possible collapse of aquatic life. What can be done to avoid this alarming scenario?

  • Wild Sharks


    Explore the shallow waters and treacherous ocean reefs where some of the deadliest species of shark lie in wait. Watch diving specialists literally stare into the very jaws of death in order to understand the physical and behavioural patterns of these dangerous ocean predators.

  • Aliens of the Deep


    Dive in to the deep and investigate the most fascinating creature in the ocean: the octopus. With three hearts, nine brains, eight arms and no skeleton, discover the physiological and neurological wonders of these tentacled extra-terrestrials.

  • North Sea Adventure


    From the fjords of Norway to the white cliffs of Dover, hardly any other ocean outside the tropics contains so much biodiversity as the North Sea. This shallow sea is one of Europe's last large natural biospheres and home to the worlds northernmost coral reefs. Join underwater filmmakers and mari...

  • Sperm Whale Oasis


    Off the coast of the Azores archipelago exists a mid-Atlantic oasis for the giants of sea to hunt and play. The violent history of these waters as a whaling hotspot has since transformed into a centre for scientific research and ecotourism.

  • Realm of the Killer Whales


    Filmmaker Feodor Pitcairn teams up with a group of marine biologists studying a pod of orcas off the coast of Vancouver Island. Discover the unique behaviour of these highly intelligent, but exceptionally shy mammals who live and play along the shores of the Pacific.