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A taste of the wide variety of videos available on Love Nature.

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  • The Lemurs Of Madagascar


    The island is the land of Lemurs, which in the absence of apes and monkeys have colonized every available habitat on the island. Lemurs are fascinating arboreal primitive primates of Madagascar represented in all sizes, colors and shapes from the largest Indri to the tiny mouse lemur

  • Human Influenced


    Humans haven’t been around for very long. In geological and biological scales, we’ve been here for just the blink of an eye, and yet, we’ve managed to radically influence many animals’ path of evolution. Dogs, wolves, coyotes, elephants, and horses have all been influenced by humans and in this e...

  • Insect Eaters


    Every predator needs a specialty—and these tenacious insect-eaters have a great one. They evolved to hunt a virtually unlimited food source: bugs. With highly-developed hunting skills, they source, kill, and consume with great success.

  • The Waterberg–Mountains of Life


    In the Limpopo region of South Africa lies an ancient land. From rolling grasslands to rocky gorges, wildlife has learnt to make the most of what’s on offer. Life-giving waters burst from giant rocks and spread across the landscape. This is the Waterberg, a land of plenty.

  • Ivory Wars


    Elephant hunting has been banned in Kenya for 40 years, but poaching has not stopped. Organized gangs of well-armed poachers are still targeting elephants, illegally hunting them and selling their ivory tusks on the black market. Environmentalists and conservationists are sounding the alarm.

  • The Island of Shark Attacks


    A record number of fatal shark attacks have broken out on a small island in the Indian Ocean. The locals are terrified and outraged while researchers hurriedly investigate the causes of the outbreak in the hopes of putting an end to this deadly phenomenon.

  • Journey to the Edge of Nowhere


    Located halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica, Macquarie Island is not only one of the most remote places on earth, but it is also a massive breeding ground for seals and penguins. Prepare yourself for a unique wilderness experience unlike any other.

  • Up In Smoke

    1h 9m

    Slash-and-burn farming is one of the biggest contributors to deforestation, loss of biodiversity, accelerating climate change and diminishing global food security. One man has discovered a solution to replacing destructive Slash-and-burn agriculture, but is the world ready to listen?

  • Africa's Super Seven


    Size, agility, speed, perception, stealth, intelligence and strength; each of Africas Super Seven are masters of at least one of these attributes. Follow mammoth beasts, skilful predators and crafty scavengers over a 24-hour period and see who reigns supreme.

  • Bohemia: Year in the Wetlands


    Experience the breathtaking vistas and abundant wildlife of southern Bohemia. In the heart of central Europe, nature has overtaken this Medieval aquaculture and created a beautiful network of wetlands, lakes, fields and forests.

  • Oceanic Oases: Mysterious Hotspots of Life


    Glimpse some of the worlds richest aquatic biodiversity and get astonishingly close to dolphins, sailfish, sharks and giant manta rays as they hunt the teeming prey lurking just below the surface.