The Secret Life Of The Tasmanian Devil

The Secret Life Of The Tasmanian Devil

2 Episodes

This series follows the Tasmanian Devils’ colourful battles for dominance, displays of aggression and violent disagreements across the generations. And we also explore Devils’ softer side, as the females raise their pouch young, known as joeys, and defend them against potential predators.

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The Secret Life Of The Tasmanian Devil
  • Meet The Devils

    Episode 1

    Conservationists in Australia regularly monitor the lives of many Tasmanian Devils in their care. Two year old Carlos is one of them. Large parts of Carlos’s waking hours are taken up with trying to find food. While Devils do move around in the daytime, dusk is when they become most active. Devil...

  • Young Devils

    Episode 2

    Tasmanian Devils might have the most infamous reputations of any of the country’s marsupials, but these spirited scrappers also have another side. They’re committed parents and heroic defenders of their pouch-reared young.