Roaring With Pride

Roaring With Pride

6 Episodes

Some sceptics were convinced that captive bred lions could never be released into the wild. Would the lions be able to fend for themselves? Would their social structures remain intact? Would they be able to successfully hunt? We uncover ALERT, the ground-breaking programme to return Africa’s lion population back to its former glory.

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Roaring With Pride
  • Lions for Africa

    Episode 1

    The lions are on the hunt for giraffe. Meanwhile, researcher Rae accompanies the lions as they
    encounter nervy hartebeest. The game capture unit are tasked with supplying more zebra for the
    Ngama release site. And don’t miss the action as hungry Kwali zones in on an unsuspecting zebra.
    But can...

  • ALERT Pride: The Lion's Share

    Episode 2

    Phyre has to be darted to keep the balance in the pride healthy, while Pazza shows off her highly
    possessive nature with an unsuspecting tortoise. And Milo demonstrates why he wears the pants
    around here.

  • Just Lion Here

    Episode 3

    We follow the as they walk and stalk. Meat preparation gets weird for some as our volunteers
    make dinner time more interesting. A brave zebra stallion takes the fight to the ever confident lions.
    A historical moment is notched up for Wakanaka as she proves her predatory prowess.

  • Predator Progress

    Episode 4

    The lions attempt to dig a stubborn warthog out of his hole, while an influx of volunteers have
    arrived and Nathan instructs them with an induction talk on how to treat, walk and cope with lions.
    Laili notches up another triumph as she catches an African hare.

  • Strike Force!

    Episode 5

    We get a first peek at the adorable additions in the denning enclosure. Lewa and Laili take their hunting skills to a new level and tackle a kudu, and we find out what Rae’s doing with hyena poo! Also, Kwali takes a nasty bite to the cheek. Can she hang onto her prize?

  • Destined for Greatness

    Episode 6

    Penya and Paza encounter a python, the adorable cubs go on their first bush outing and Lewa and Laili keep the zebra on their toes. Meanwhile, the research team have more experiments for the Ngamo lions.