Ol Pejeta Diaries

Ol Pejeta Diaries

3 Seasons

Visit Ol Pej, one of the largest game reserves in Africa. Here, the multitude of animals brings unexpected daily challenges. If it’s not a black rhino getting caught in barbed wire, it’s the relocation of two thousand animals from a corner of the park newly slated for redevelopment.

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Ol Pejeta Diaries
  • Africa Titans

    Episode 1

    The death of a wild black rhino after a fight with another dominant male and a 14-year-old blind black rhino becomes the new ambassador for the species.

  • White Rhinos of Enasoit

    Episode 2

    The Conservation team attempts to move two white rhinos to Ol Pejeta from the nearby Enasoit ranch after it was discovered that poachers had been watching the animals.

  • Fugitive Giants

    Episode 3

    With Elephant numbers on the rise, so too are the conflicts Ol Pejeta has to deal with, like a gang of crop-raiding Pachyderms. The order is given to detusk three of the problem animals, but first the team will have to remove a collar from a blind Elephant.

  • Tides of Sweetwater

    Episode 4

    A look at the plight of Chimpanzees that survive the bush meat trade to become captive animals. At the same time, we look at the reintroduction of Colobus monkeys into the Ewaso river area of Ol Pejeta.

  • Village Raiders

    Episode 5

    Leopard problems plague the community as hunger-ravaged predators roam dangerously close to nearby villages. The team at Ol Pej need to safely snare a Leopard and relocate it for the good of man and beast.

  • Relentless Sun

    Episode 6

    A once-in-a-generation drought has sucked all the moisture from surrounding rivers and the Conservation team is struggling to keep up with the swath of thirsty creatures. While some animals succumb to dehydration, the team must concentrate its efforts on a particularly vulnerable—and dangerous—Wa...

  • Bush Camps

    Episode 7

    Eco-tourism isn't just a background player in the operation of Ol Pej, it's the financial backbone that keeps the park operating. From comfortable camping to ulta-luxurious accommodations, the guests that stay at Ol Pejeta live among nature during their stay and they even assist in research and t...

  • Girls of Oryx Plain

    Episode 8

    A baby rhino's mother is illegally shot and Ol Pej staff have to calm the wild baby. It's not ideal to separate the calf from her mother, but the situation is dire, and the calf will have to be hand-raised. Also, a look at a 4-year-old captive rhino that went through the same thing and is now ent...

  • Critical Plains

    Episode 9

    While the Ol Pejeta staff help move a herd of Hartebeest to another park, an ailing Eland is spotted. Suffering from a wound from an illegal trap, the massive Antelope will have to be tranquilized and treated before it's too late. After the Eland is dealt with, a baby Hartebeest will need to be h...