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New This Week

Our freshest shows are waiting for you to dive into, and not only is it all here for you to explore in one playlist, but we'll update it every week.

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New This Week
  • Taxi Raid

    The captured monkeys are released in the countryside far from their temple home and are completely lost in the forest. The monsoon is late and the food shortage caused by the drought is affecting the monkey troop. Back at the animal sanctuary, Kavi has taken a turn for the worse.

  • The Monkey Catcher

    After the monkey troop launch a raid on a goods cart, the angry owner snaps and calls in the monkey-catcher. A handful of the gang are captured and carted off in the back of his van. The remaining Galta troop, small but spirited, defend their temple home against an invasion of larger langur monke...

  • The Apartment Job

    Meet the Galta gang, a 60-strong troop of rhesus macaques, as they make their way from their temple home through the streets of Jaipur. The city is like a giant playground for the younger monkeys but danger is always round the corner. Alpha male, Tarak sees an open window as an open invitation fo...