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New episodes and documentaries will be added to Love Nature on a weekly basis. Here is where you can find the freshest content...

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  • The Anthropic Principle


    Was the universe made for us? So many coincidences have occurred for us to exist that some have suggested there is no coincidence at all. Does the universe exist in such a way that it compels life to exist? Did it naturally select in such a way for life to exist? Is this the only universe or is t...

  • Zoo Juniors Episode 403


    Getting to know the rules of zoo life takes some animals longer than others. The young elephants are particularly mischievous and the capybaras give their keepers a tough time. In the indoor stalls, keeper Thomas is working with his favourite species, the calm and gentle okapis.

  • Zoo Juniors Episode 404


    Zoo Juniors need to be independent like orphaned capuchin monkey Sina. They need to obey the rules, which the elephants just cannot understand. And they also have to treat their keepers with respect. After all, keepers are a sensitive species and they do not like claws!

  • Luxury and Tradition


    On the beautiful Thai island of Koh Kood, there is a hotel that is a pioneer of sustainable development.
    Its founders, Sonu Shivdasani and his wife Eva, are convinced that high-end tourism and environment can go together, and have been working around sustainable luxury tourism for over 20 years....

  • The Possibility of an Island


    In western Scotland, on the isle of Eigg in the Inner Hebrides, there is an island where the authenticity of the landscape contrasts with a cutting-edge ecological system.
    The island's locals made an ambitious and ground-breaking decision: making renewable energies the only source of energy on t...

  • Babies Mix Part 10

    1h 0m

    One hour comprised of a variety of baby animals. Watch as a baby capybara, baboon, marmoset and a colony of meerkat kits play around, eat, cuddle and sleep.

  • Environment: Utah—Part 4


    One hour of uninterrupted footage of Utah's beautiful Zion National Park. Discover the deep canyons and jaw-dropping vistas of this amazing landscape.