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New episodes and documentaries will be added to Love Nature on a weekly basis. Here is where you can find the freshest content...

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  • Wombat Wood


    In the cool highlands near of South East Australia’s Snowy Mountains is a large woodland area known as Wombat Wood. There dotted amongst the trees and dense foliage are the visible openings of over a hundred burrows, where the wombats sleep during the warmth of the day.

  • Ethiopia: Land Of Extremes


    Land-locked and surrounded by five countries, Ethiopia is one of east Africa’s forgotten lands. Seemingly passive deserts in fact seethe with fire and cloud-piercing peaks shield a secret Eden of canyons and cliff-tops teeming with life.

  • Reef Wrecks Of Roatan


    Once a hub of fruit and fishing activity, this island of the coast of Honduras now stands out as a vacation resort hot spot. But it’s not just the sun and sand that brings the tourists in droves. It’s actually a diver’s paradise with shipwrecks scattered from all corners of the the island.

  • Delta Discoveries


    The Western Arctic’s mammoth Mackenzie Delta is the second largest in North America after the Mississippi. Here we find strange and mysterious land forms above an immense underbelly of permafrost featuring a phenomenal diversity of microorganisms, and strange creatures that tell a story of an eve...

  • Bonecrusher Queens


    One of Africa’s most underestimated predators is the spotted hyena. Their deadly bites can pulverize bone and their cast iron stomachs can easily digest rotting meat. The larger, stronger females ruthlessly govern each clan as they battle for territory with neighbouring hyena packs.

  • Zoo Juniors Episode 307


    In Berlin today, a new sea lion pup is on display. She looks like she’ll be a real performer. In the big cat house, two tiny bear cats get a well deserved treat. They may have struggled to thrive, but now they’ll be piling on the calories. And in the nocturnal house, an orphaned aardvark receives...

  • Zoo Juniors Episode 308


    Every day brings new tasty treats when you’re a Zoo Junior. The young fishing cats get their first taste of red meat. The new giraffe calves have great expectations for their first trip beyond the stable yard. And the Red Husum pigs have exhausted their poor mother, so they’re moving on to hot me...

  • Simple Yurt


    We travel to Corrèze, just outside Tulle, to discover Christiane and Jean-François' yurt-house. It is a bioclimatic house with an energy-plus label which has perfectly adapted to its surroundings.

  • The Grow Community


    On Bainbridge Island, a 30-minute ferry ride away from Seattle, we set out to discover one of the greenest eco-neighbourhoods in the US. This Grow Community hopes to instil a new vision of habitat that aims to be as modern as it is ecological. The first houses have been built in 2012 on a 3-hecta...

  • Babies Mix Part 20

    1h 0m

    One hour comprised of an assortment of adorable baby animals. Watch as baby birds, meerkats and a possum explore, sleep and grow up.

  • Lake Superior Part 2