Land Of Primates

Land Of Primates

6 Episodes

Primates are unique mammals that took a great leap during the course of evolution to enlarge their brains and become the most intelligent animals on our planet. From the remote highlands of Ethiopia, across the Savannah of Southern Africa to the island kingdom of Madagascar,€ each location has a new story to tell.

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Land Of Primates
  • Lemurs Of Anja Mountain

    Episode 1

    Millions of years ago, castaway creatures found themselves stranded on Madagascar's rugged shores. Isolated from the mainland, the newcomers were left to evolve. Today, a bizarre mix of animals thrive throughout the islands varied lands. This is a magical world of rare and unique creatures, perfe...

  • The Lemurs Of Madagascar

    Episode 2

    The island is the land of Lemurs, which in the absence of apes and monkeys have colonized every available habitat on the island. Lemurs are fascinating arboreal primitive primates of Madagascar represented in all sizes, colors and shapes from the largest Indri to the tiny mouse lemur

  • Wanderers Of The Lost Forest

    Episode 3

    This story takes place in the town of Hogsback- A tiny village on the top of a mountain in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Due to habitat loss and fragmentation the Samango monkeys and Cape Parrots of the nearby forests have been forced to search for food outside of their natural habitats, and ...

  • Baboons Of Bambelela

    Episode 4

    With power in numbers, adaptability and intelligent leadership, the Bambelela baboon troop is an excellent example of why baboons thrive throughout Africa. Their highly refined social behavior and organization mirror much of human society and show just how alike we are to our primate cousins.

  • The Geladas Of Ethiopia

    Episode 5

    Geladas are only found among the peaks and plateaus of Ethiopias Simien Mountains, an ancient range of incredible beauty and biodiversity. We follow the Mountain Band of Geladas as they make their daily migration from the cliff edge to the mountaintop.

  • Baboon Lagoon

    Episode 6

    Enter the wilds of South Africa to get an intimate look into one of the continent's most misunderstood primates, showing that like humans they have unique personalities and share strong bonds with their family and friends.