Land Of Gremlins

Land Of Gremlins

3 Episodes

Madagascar is a unique wildlife Eden. The fourth largest island in the world, it is separated form Africa by hundreds of kilometres of sea and millions of years of evolution. Three-quarters of all animal species are endemic; meaning they simply don'€™t exist anywhere else in the world. Beady-eyed chameleons share the branches with a variety of lemurs, millipedes, praying mantis, hissing cockroaches, frogs and bird-eating spiders.

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Land Of Gremlins
  • Lemur Spirit

    Episode 1

    This is the story of a day in the life of an Indris Family, following a mother, father and their three offspring around their home in the rainforest of Mantadia National Park in Madagascar.

  • Castaway Island

    Episode 2

    This film travels around the island visiting some of its most striking landscapes to explore how Madagascar’s species have evolved to make the most of the variety of climatic conditions and habitats on the island. Madagascar is a strange, beautiful, unique world with a staggering array of habit...

  • Madagascar In Cold Blood

    Episode 3

    Explore the lives of Madagascar'™s cold-blooded creatures. Chameleons, frog, lizards and snakes have all adapted to survive on the island. We take a look at how they find food, reproduce and avoid predators.