Kenya Wildlife Diaries

Kenya Wildlife Diaries

5 Episodes

Lewa Conservancy in Kenya is home to 15,000 animals—including more than 100 critically endangered wild rhinos. Watch as the staff at this East African reserve deal with everything from medical emergencies to heavily armed poachers.

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Kenya Wildlife Diaries
  • Haven Of Giants

    Episode 1

    Lewa Conservancy is working to return elephants to territory from Mt. Kenya to Samburu National Park. They've also created an elephant exclusion zone to try and restore a damaged ecosystem. Radio tracking collars are used for both initiatives to help conservationists better understand the elephan...

  • Ivory Wars

    Episode 2

    Elephant hunting has been banned in Kenya for 40 years, but poaching has not stopped. Organized gangs of well-armed poachers are still targeting elephants, illegally hunting them and selling their ivory tusks on the black market. Environmentalists and conservationists are sounding the alarm.

  • Horses of the Sun

    Episode 3

    Grévy’s zebras are at a tipping point. Their population has dropped by 50 per cent in less than 20 years, putting them on the endangered species list. Environmentalists say that if we aren’t vigilant, they could disappear all together. Lewa Conservancy is at the heart of efforts to protect the sp...

  • Vanishing Wilderness

    Episode 4

    Kenya's growing human population is taking land and resources away from wildlife. The squeeze is creating increasing numbers of conflicts between humans and animals, and is one of the biggest issues in African conservation.

  • A Place in the Wild

    Episode 5

    Kenya takes a major step with the opening of its first community-run rhino sanctuary in the heart of Samburu territory. The threat to Kenya’s rhinos from well-armed, illegal poaching gangs is the highest it's been in 40 years, which makes the sanctuary especially important.