Incredible African Wildlife

Incredible African Wildlife

5 Episodes

This series takes an innovative and comprehensive approach to documenting the most well-known species of African wildlife.

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Incredible African Wildlife
  • Champions of the Savannah

    Episode 1

    The term “champion” can be a relative term depending on the criteria each species is measured by. Who is the strongest? The tallest? The fastest? Find the answers to these and many other questions that nature enthusiasts love to ponder.

  • The Savannah Quiz

    Episode 2

    Are zebras black with white stripes, or white with black stripes? Do elephants really drink through their trunks? Are giraffes actually mute? Learn the answers to a multitude of questions frequently asked about African animals.

  • The Real Lords of the Savannah

    Episode 3

    The lion may be the King of the Jungle, but who holds court over Africa’s skies, rivers, grasslands and treetops? Witness how the other lords of the wild preside over their domain and reign supreme.

  • The Senses of the Savannah

    Episode 4

    The ability to look, listen and smell are all crucial to an animal’s survival. However, some animals are uniquely gifted with incredibly accurate senses, such as elephants that can hear sound vibrations through their feet and ostriches whose eyesight can pick out movement from over 3 kilometres...

  • It's Christmas in the Savannah

    Episode 5

    On the African savannah, the greatest Christmas gift is the lush, green vegetation that grows abundantly over the landscape. All seems tranquil and idyllic for the elephants, zebras and impala, but with predators ever-lurking in the shadows, this Christmas truce may be short-lived.