Great Parks of Africa

Great Parks of Africa

6 Episodes

Africa is a tapestry of habitats that host an incredible variety of creatures and within the mighty continent are areas of exceptional natural beauty – the Great Parks of Africa.

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Great Parks of Africa
  • Great Addo Elephant

    Episode 1

    The Addo Elephant National Park sits in the heart of the Eastern Cape of South Africa, covering over 1600 square kilometres of land. While the elephants are the stars of the park, Addo is the only reserve in the world where visitors can see all of the “big seven”: lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo...

  • Table Mountain

    Episode 2

    Table Mountain National Park on the southwestern tip of Africa is a park surrounded by ocean and humanity. It is a rugged peninsula jutting out into the cold Atlantic Ocean and forming an island of incredible diversity.

  • iSimangoliso

    Episode 3

    In the northeastern corner of South Africa lays a land of unparalleled beauty that encompasses pristine beaches and vibrant coral reefs, lush wetlands and lakes, and vast forests and open plains. Each landscape provides sanctuary for a range of animals. Known locally as “the Miracle”, due to its ...

  • Great Karoo

    Episode 4

    In the centre of South Africa is an ancient landscape that was once an inland sea. Now it’s a mosaic of unique habitats. Life here has evolved ingenious solutions to survive in these differing environments: herds graze across the plains, predators roam the riverside thickets, and raptors patrol t...

  • Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

    Episode 5

    In the southern reaches of Africa’s great Kalahari basin, everything is made tough. Ancient rivers harbour water deep underground, and these hidden lifelines forge a fragile link to survival. This is a land of deep thirst and raw beauty. This is the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

  • Chobe: Land of Learning

    Episode 6

    In the north of Botswana there is a haven where the Chobe River provides a lifeline for wildlife, but in the dry season many animals face a daily battle with the fierce heat, Including three of Africa’s most iconic families: lions, elephants and baboons. Though they may be vastly different, they ...