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Love Nature is pleased to bring you this small cross-section of some of the programming we have available for subscribers.

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  • Love Nature July Highlights

    Coming this month to Love Nature.

  • The River Troop

    Along the bank of the Luangwa River in Zambia lives a troop of around 80 baboons. This is the story of a family, and a young male baboon who faces difficult choices as he comes of age.

  • The Big Dry preview

    As temperatures soar, lagoons and waterholes dry to dust and animals from all over the Valley are drawn to the only source of water left - the mighty Luangwa River. But even this broad, meandering beast shrinks to a narrow channel that all but stops flowing completely.

  • IMAX Africa Serengeti Clip

    From our spectacular IMAX produced playlist, Africa Serengeti shows the daily hunt for food as lions find their prey in the grasslands of Tanzania.

  • IMAX Dolphins Clip

    Oscar nominated and narrated by Pierce Brosnan, IMAX Dolphins gives you a sneak peak into the rituals of one of the most elegant aquatic mammals in their deep sea home.

  • Nordic Wild Clip

    A mother bear fights to protect her cubs in the wilds of the Nordic forests, a vast and ancient wilderness playing host to nature’s most spectacular wildlife.

  • Polar Bears Clip

    Follow a family of polar bears as they care for each other and hunt for prey among the miles of glacial ice and snow.

  • Twenty Masterpieces of Nature Clip

    Witness a great mother ape swinging through the branches with her baby as bees attack, just one of the many incredible scenes caught in our series, Twenty Masterpieces of Nature.

  • The Coming Of The Rains

    The rains are late. It is the most brutal time of year. Babies born into drought face starvation. The weak and the injured are weeded out. Everything is desperate for rain. When it finally arrives, it is a downpour on an enormous scale. Alien creatures emerge into a different world. The wet seaso...

  • Castaway Island

    This film travels around the island visiting some of its most striking landscapes to explore how Madagascar’s species have evolved to make the most of the variety of climatic conditions and habitats on the island. Madagascar is a strange, beautiful, unique world with a staggering array of habit...

  • Meet The Devils

    Conservationists in Australia regularly monitor the lives of many Tasmanian Devils in their care. Two year old Carlos is one of them. Large parts of Carlos’s waking hours are taken up with trying to find food. While Devils do move around in the daytime, dusk is when they become most active. Devil...

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