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Love Nature is pleased to bring you this small cross-section of some of the programming we have available for subscribers.

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Free Preview
  • The River Troop

    Along the bank of the Luangwa River in Zambia lives a troop of around 80 baboons. This is the story of a family, and a young male baboon who faces difficult choices as he comes of age.

  • The Big Dry preview

    As temperatures soar, lagoons and waterholes dry to dust and animals from all over the Valley are drawn to the only source of water left - the mighty Luangwa River. But even this broad, meandering beast shrinks to a narrow channel that all but stops flowing completely.

  • Love Nature May Highlights

    Coming this month to Love Nature.

  • Scene Lift - IMAX Africa Serengeti Free Preview

    From our spectacular IMAX produced playlist, Africa Serengeti shows the daily hunt for food as lions find their prey in the grasslands of Tanzania.

  • Scene Lift - IMAX Dolphins Free Preview

    Oscar nominated and narrated by Pierce Brosnan, IMAX Dolphins gives you a sneak peak into the rituals of one of the most elegant aquatic mammals in their deep sea home.

  • Scene Lift - Nordic Wild Free Preview

    A mother bear fights to protect her cubs in the wilds of the Nordic forests, a vast and ancient wilderness playing host to nature’s most spectacular wildlife.

  • Scene Lift - Polar Bears Free Preview

    Follow a family of polar bears as they care for each other and hunt for prey among the miles of glacial ice and snow.

  • Scene Lift - Twenty Masterpieces of Nature Free Preview

    Witness a great mother ape swinging through the branches with her baby as bees attack, just one of the many incredible scenes caught in our series, Twenty Masterpieces of Nature.

  • Peccary Party

    In the heart of the Pantanal wetlands, there’s a region so remote very few humans ever get there. The lack of human interaction makes this the perfect habitat for a thunderous herd of three hundred white-lipped peccaries. These large pig-like mammals grow up to forty five kilos and have stripes o...

  • Sea Of Cortez

    Cabo Pulmo, a tiny ocean community on the shores of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, is home to an extraordinary story of marine recovery. By the mid-1980s, this near-pristine coral reef was all but wiped out – decimated by reckless overfishing. That is, until those same fishermen abandoned their way of l...

  • Land Of Extremes

    This episode visually illustrates how the Arctic, locked in darkness for nearly seven months, springs to life once the sun rises above the horizon. We explore ideas of migration, hibernation, the food web, habitat change, and are introduced to some of the Arctic’s most magnificent and iconic crea...

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