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The Lemurs Of Madagascar

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Love Nature September Highlights

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  • The Lemurs Of Madagascar

    The island is the land of Lemurs, which in the absence of apes and monkeys have colonized every available habitat on the island. Lemurs are fascinating arboreal primitive primates of Madagascar represented in all sizes, colors and shapes from the largest Indri to the tiny mouse lemur

  • Pride Lands

    In the Luangwa Valley we spend a full day with Africa’s most fearsome hunters– A pride of lions. This pride hasn't made a large kill in days and tempers have started to flare. Crucially, the pride’s largest male is out patrolling the territory, looking to take down anything that crosses his path.

  • The River Troop

    Along the bank of the Luangwa River in Zambia lives a troop of around 80 baboons. This is the story of a family, and a young male baboon who faces difficult choices as he comes of age.