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Love Nature is pleased to bring you this small cross-section of some of the programming we have available for subscribers.

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  • Love Nature February Highlights


    Coming this month to Love Nature.

  • The Everglades: The Season of Drought


    In Southern Florida, a unique and complex ecosystem known as the Everglades has entered its winter season. Dry conditions and lower temperatures bring about significant changes to the landscape. Predator and prey are forced to live in close proximity due to a limited supply of water.

  • Dung Beetles: Nature's Recycler


    There are more species of beetle in the world than any other animal and few play a role as important as the humble dung beetle.The tiny counterparts to Africa’s giant plant eaters. Bringing balance to a system that supports life like no other. These iconic insects are truly the unsung heroes of...

  • Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary


    The Florida Keys are home to a diverse mix of coastal ecosystems: Mangrove swamps serve as nurseries for juvenile fish and hunting grounds for endangered waterfowl, Seagrass forests act as food and shelter for fish and crustaceans, and coral reefs are hosts to diverse fish species and endangered ...

  • Secret Life Of The Emu


    The Emu is Australia’s biggest native bird and is the second largest bird in the world after the African ostrich: two meters tall, with an almost three meter running stride and totally flightless. This bird inhabits a topsy turvy world, where females call the shots, eggs are green and men do all ...

  • Make a Difference with Love Nature


    Stream nature documentaries and make a difference.
    Do a good deed by joining us on our mission to support wildlife charities around the world - a percentage of your monthly subscriptions will be donated to them.