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Love Nature is pleased to bring you this small cross-section of some of the programming we have available for subscribers.

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  • Lemurs Of Anja Mountain


    Millions of years ago, castaway creatures found themselves stranded on Madagascar's rugged shores. Isolated from the mainland, the newcomers were left to evolve. Today, a bizarre mix of animals thrive throughout the islands varied lands. This is a magical world of rare and unique creatures, perfe...

  • Stinkers


    In this episode, we explore a very strange plant and four unique animals that have made their mark on the world—by being extremely smelly and having bad toilet etiquette. If you ever wanted to see a plant that smells like a morgue or a giant mammal that sprays poo all over its range, you’re in lu...

  • Tidal Forest Of Africa


    A day in the life of a southern African mangrove forest. We follow the forest and its residents through the change from high tide to low and back to high, meeting the Red-claw mangrove crabs that keep the forest clean and in so doing help it provide food and shelter for a variety of species.

  • Great Addo Elephant


    The Addo Elephant National Park sits in the heart of the Eastern Cape of South Africa, covering over 1600 square kilometres of land. While the elephants are the stars of the park, Addo is the only reserve in the world where visitors can see all of the “big seven”: lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo...

  • Love Nature January Highlights


    Coming this month to Love Nature.

  • Make a Difference with Love Nature


    Stream nature documentaries and make a difference.
    Do a good deed by joining us on our mission to support wildlife charities around the world - a percentage of your monthly subscriptions will be donated to them.

  • Surviving the Drought


    As scorching heat and dust storms ravage the African savannah, vast herds of animals journey upriver, desperately seeking even the smallest watering hole. Stalking these beasts are feline predators who are forced to take deadly action in order to survive.

  • Aliens of the Deep


    Dive in to the deep and investigate the most fascinating creature in the ocean: the octopus. With three hearts, nine brains, eight arms and no skeleton, discover the physiological and neurological wonders of these tentacled extra-terrestrials.

  • Chasing Wild Horses


    On a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia lies Sable Island. Living on this long, isolated strip of land are herds of wild horses that are strictly protected from human interference. Only under special permission is world-renowned photographer, Roberto Dutesco granted a rare chance to captur...

  • Wild Orphans: Facing Cheetahs


    Due to poaching and territorial conflicts with humans, cheetahs are now the most endangered feline in Africa. Thankfully, volunteers and specialists have started raising vulnerable orphans in captivity with the hopes of one day releasing them back into the wild.