Coastal Africa

Coastal Africa

4 Episodes

The two dramatic coasts at the southern tip of Africa span nearly 3,000 kilometres between land and sea. Unrivalled for its beauty, this narrow band of coastline hosts some of the world's most vibrant and diverse marine life thanks to two very different ocean currents.

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Coastal Africa
  • Sweeping Shores

    Episode 1

    The African inter-tidal zone is home to a unique universe of plants and creatures. Here, life has adapted to survive in a challenging marine environment—some species are able to live on exposed rocks, while others prefer the shelter of rock pools.

  • Sanctuary of The Indian Ocean

    Episode 2

    On Africa's east coast, the warm Agulhas run south with a distinctive subtropical landscape. Made up of everything from mangrove swamps to colourful coral reefs, the area has marine turtles—who breed on long and warm sandy beaches—and a recently found population of “living fossils”, the Coelacant...

  • Golden Forest

    Episode 3

    This is the story of the “Golden Forest”, the vast expanses of kelp that lines Africa’s southwestern shore. Fed by an upwelling of nutrients from deep in the Atlantic, the kelp forest nurtures four distinct worlds.

  • Algoa Bay: Last Refuge Of The African Penguin

    Episode 4

    Although the population of African penguins in Southern Africa is on the decline, the charismatic species has found a stronghold on two islands in Algoa Bay. This is the story of the penguins’ daily struggle to raise families in an unforgiving and often hostile environment.