Baby Animals

Baby Animals

6 Episodes

Who doesn’t love cute baby animals? From Arctic foxes and sea otters, to tamarin monkeys and red pandas, meet the world’s tiniest, cutest creatures and see how they travel the road from birth to adolescence to adulthood.

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Baby Animals
  • Mother's Darlings

    Episode 2

    In the animal kingdom, most animals are born defenseless. Under the protection and tutelage of their doting mothers, they quickly become masters of their universe. This episode focuses on some of the great moms in the animal kingdom.

  • The More The Merrier

    Episode 3

    Growing up with brothers and sisters makes life a little sweeter. Playing and hanging out with siblings and step-siblings helps these animals explore and learn.

  • Fresh Meat

    Episode 4

    In the animal kingdom, not all babies get to spend their infancy relaxing. This episode looks at four animals that must hit the ground running. What is cute to us is dinner to others. Calves like these have to learn to run and walk quickly to escape scary predators.

  • Lil Hunters

    Episode 5

    If you’re going to be a predator you have to be able to hunt. Carnivores like lions, cheetahs, foxes, and coyotes have to learn somewhere. Those skills begin as play for these little hunters.

  • Family Ties

    Episode 6

    If you don’t have a family, then what do you have? This adage applies to the animal kingdom too. These animals are groomed to grow old and do the family name proud—and their families are helping them every step of the way.

  • Raising Babies

    Episode 7

    Parc Omega, in Quebec, Canada, plays host to a myriad of animals. Some, like boars and raccoons, are permanent residents; others, like Canada Geese, are just visitors. However, they all have their offspring here in the early spring, making it the most exciting time to explore the area.