Arctic Secrets

Arctic Secrets

5 Episodes

The northern reaches of our continent have long been thought as a grim and frostbitten kingdom, but there is more than snow up here. Among the mighty mountains of the northlands are seemingly endless forests, swirling rivers and bountiful plains; all of which sustain the fragile wildlife that have lived here for millennia.

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Arctic Secrets
  • Land Of Extremes

    Episode 1

    This episode visually illustrates how the Arctic, locked in darkness for nearly seven months, springs to life once the sun rises above the horizon. We explore ideas of migration, hibernation, the food web, habitat change, and are introduced to some of the Arctic’s most magnificent and iconic crea...

  • Devon Island - Land Of Ice

    Episode 2

    Devon Island is the largest uninhabited island in the world. It’s so remote and forbidding that when scientists wanted to simulate living conditions on Mars, they chose Devon. Dry and desolate, Devon’s barren landscape only supports the hardiest of plants and few animals.