Africa's Wild Horizons

Africa's Wild Horizons

5 Episodes

Much of our world today is covered in skyscrapers and concrete. But there are still some places that remain completely untouched. From the ancient dunes of the Namib Desert, to the granite islands on the Southern tip of the African continent, we explore areas that few have ever visited. These wild horizons reveal the most astounding and unexpected aspects of nature.

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Africa's Wild Horizons
  • The Waterberg–Mountains of Life

    Episode 1

    In the Limpopo region of South Africa lies an ancient land. From rolling grasslands to rocky gorges, wildlife has learnt to make the most of what’s on offer. Life-giving waters burst from giant rocks and spread across the landscape. This is the Waterberg, a land of plenty.

  • Vredefort Dome–Crater of Life

    Episode 2

    In this programme we look at the Vredefort Crater in South Africa and the life it supports. From rocky outcrops to grassland, and from wetlands to mighty rivers, each habitat provides a niche for a host of creatures.

  • Africas Great Oasis–The Okavango

    Episode 3

    Trapped in one of Africa’s great deserts is a lush, hidden world. It is an untamed wilderness unlike any other on Earth. Fed by a mighty river that travels from distant mountains, it is a vast mosaic of life, which pulsates with vivid beauty.

  • The Kalahari

    Episode 4

    An immense, dry land dominates southwestern Africa. Here, sand covers the land in rippling dunes and rain drains away as quickly as it falls. Kalahari, meaning "place of great thirst," is an appropriate name for one of southern Africa’s greatest wildernesses.

  • Ngorongoro Crater–Cursed Heaven

    Episode 5

    This episode explores Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater. It looks at what lies within the crater’s walls and examines how the surrounding areas impact life within Ngorongoro.