Africa's Hidden Kingdoms

Africa's Hidden Kingdoms

6 Episodes

Explore the unknown corners of Africa, delving past the fame of the Big Five, we uncover a treasure trove of Hidden Kingdoms.

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Africa's Hidden Kingdoms
  • The Drakensberg: Barrier Of Spears

    Episode 1

    This documentary looks at the wildlife of The Drakensberg Mountain range. We take a look at how creatures survive in the hostile landscape, from the highest peaks to the rolling grasslands below

  • Gardens in the Clouds

    Episode 2

    The ancient plants and animals of the Cloud Mountains of South Africa have long captured people’s imagination. It’s a landscape defined by weather and threatened on all sides by invaders. Indigenous forest fragments survive against the odds providing homes for an incredible array of plants and an...

  • Sandveld: Land of Contrasts

    Episode 3

    This wildlife documentary explores this western border with the sea, an area known as the Sandveld. It is a contrasting landscape and nowhere is this more evident than in the huge variety and diversity of life within its borders. The documentary ventures underwater, through dense land vegetation ...

  • Namaqualand: The Desert Bloom

    Episode 4

    Lying in the northwestern corner of South Africa it is a desert like no other. Species here have developed over generations to ensure that their adaptations allow them to live in this biome. Spring hosts one of the most magnificent natural transformations in the world from desert to oasis for a s...

  • De Hoop: Place Of Hope

    Episode 5

    At the southern tip of the African continent, a tiny refuge making a huge impact. A concentration of life. Its varied habitats offering a sanctuary to some of the biggest animals on the planet and some of the smallest. It’s a story of beating the odds, of species coming back from the edge of exti...

  • Kogelberg
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    On the southwestern tip of Africa lies a botanical wonderland, a mountainous world covered in plants and animals, many of which occur nowhere else. Along its rocky coastline, rich waters teem with life. This is not a park of great beasts, but of small intimate relationships woven into the fabric ...